I am currently a Teaching Fellow in Politics at the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Leeds. I am also the Deputy Director of the Centre for Contemporary Political Theory at the University of Leeds.

In my research, I show that key arguments from feminist epistemology can lead to new insights in political philosophy, and that this impacts some recent debates surrounding how we should approach doing political philosophy more broadly.

My PhD thesis, entitled ‘What Does Victim Testimony About Injustice Tell Us About Justice?’, was passed with no corrections by Prof. Rae Langton and Prof. Anthony Booth at the University of Sussex, Spring 2022. It was supervised by Prof. Corine Besson and Dr. Andrew Chitty.

Before my PhD, I completed a BA in Philosophy at King’s College London, and an MPhil, supervised by Prof. Jonathan Wolff, at University College London.

Until recently, I was the editor in chief of Marx and Philosophy Review of Books.

Contact: a.engelstad@leeds.ac.uk